Facial Acupuncture

Would you like to feel and look younger?


doctor_oz_acupuncture_faceliftFacial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is a safe and painless, non-surgical method of reducing the signs of aging. Fine lines and puffiness may be eliminated and wrinkles diminished, double chins minimized and droopy eyelids lifted. It is effective for toning the facial contours, moisturizing sking and improving elasticity with increased local circulation of blood and lymph, increased collagen production and the reduction of stress. Acupuncture can ease tightened muscles around the face to return displaced jaws to their correct position quickly and easily. Aside from the cosmetic effects, acupuncture is also helpful in treating illnesses of the face, such as paralyzed muscles from Bell’s Palsy or stroke.

Since it doesn’t involve any incisions or use of drugs or implants, it is an excellent alternative for surgery. In some people, slight bruiding may occure, which will disappear in few days (compare to the bruising, swelling and pain with a surgical procedure).

Facial Acupuncture is contraindicated for some skin disorderes, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, individuals who have a pacemaker or who have a problem with bleeding or bruising, or who currently suffer migraine headaches.

Treatment includes facial massage, essential oils, aromatherapy, electrical stimulation, acupuncture.

We use only sterile, single-use, disposable needle. We use the smallest gauge that will affectively deliver the desired result with the goal of minimizing patient discomfort.

A course of treatment consists of 10-15 sessions (usually 12). We recommend that clients have the first 6 sessions twice a week and have the last 6 sessions once a week to get the maximum result. Full course of sessions takes 9 weeks to complete.

Some results may be seen as early as the 2nd or the 3rd session but the effect become most noticeable and lasting on or about the 7th or 8th session. In some exceptionally difficult cases, the course of treatment may need to be repeated again. Each person responds differently, depending on his or her age, condition and lifestyle prior to treatment. For this reason, results for some may be more or less dramatic than they are for others.

Following the initial course of treatment, monthly maintenance sessions can prolong the results for 5 to 10 years. The benefits of a monthly maintenance program are not limited to the face, but rather, improve the body’s overall health and vitality. This, in itself, slows down the aging process.


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